Monday, October 10, 2011

Hwy 12 OPEN at 5:30 TODAY, Oct 10, 2011

After the dignitaries make their way across the new bridge for the very first time, it will be open to the public. Thanks to all who worked tirelessly day and NIGHT to finish this project.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Hwy 12 repair timeline info- DOT Site

Here is a link to the NC Dot site that will provide info on HWY 12 repair and timeline:

HWY 12 Info on repair

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Highway 12 to Hatteras not an easy fix

Here's a link to a story in the News and Observer about Hwy 12. Looks like it could be a while to get that one open again. I listened to some folks on Beach 104 radio yesterday from Avon. They were just so glad to see the big gennies arive at the Avon fire station, so maybe their village can finally have some limited power. The main power lines to Hatteras Island ran with the highway and were severed when the inlet was cut. There is a ferry now taking supply trucks to Hatteras Island, so they can get the groceries and Ace hardward restocked.

Hwy 12 no easy fix

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Broad summary of Hurricane Irene damage on the Outer Banks, NC

The biggest damage by far came from soundside flooding. The height of the water reached record levels, even surpassing the previous marks set in Hurricane Donna in 1960. Many businesses in downtown Manteo were flooded. Many homes near the sound on Roanoke Island, and westside homes in all the towns along the Outer Banks took record flooding. Highway 12 was undermined in Duck and took several days to temporarily patch to allow traffic north of Sunset Grille. On the other end of 12, several new breaches in the road occurred on Hatteras Island, as well as Ocracoke. There is a new inlet cut in Pea Island, completely down thru the base layer, with ocean/sound water running in and out with every tide. This will not be an easy fix. Timelines look to be in weeks, if not months. There is a ferry service being established, but as of now, it will be for essential personnel and goods to get to Hatteras Island. Over 2500 residents are cutoff from supplies at the moment, on an island of their own. There is a strict curfew in place there, even to the extent of the Coast Guard patrolling the waters nearby to keep boats from landing unauthorized.
Things could have been worse, but for those hit, it seems like a mighty bad time right now.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

At first light

Even more trees came down after dark in my yard. No house damage though. The radio is a nonstop blur of reports of damage. Water got to neck deep in front of Manteo Booksellers last night. In Nags Head all the jetskis at those two watersports business were left just up on land, and are now all over the bypass. The causeway to Nags Head of course was completely underwater. There is a truck stuck there which tried to turn around last night, and the water completely covered it at one point. I saw the fire dept going out about 7pm in their deuce and a half, probably to rescue the driver, among others.
There was flooding in places that people did not expect, so there will be major cleanup and lots of damage.
Off to assess what I can of my various business assets today and of course take lots of pics. Will report when I return.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Epic flooding

Major, major flooding in Manteo, and in other soundside areas of the Outer Banks. I took tons of pics but don't have internet capacity to deal with them tonight. Dudes were kayaking and paddleboarding in the streets of Manteo tonight!

Winds are clocking around now

The eye is located 12 miles nw of Roanoke Island out in the Albemarle Sound. The winds are coming around almost straight S right now. A bit ago we took a ride around Manteo, and I've never, ever seen the water in the sounds around the island so LOW! It's all blown up on Elizabeth City and westside of the sound. When the wind comes round it will be back here with a vengeance. I posted a few pics over on the board.

Lost power for a bit

Had a brief power outage, but back now, sorta. Gusts as high as 66 at Manteo, higher at Cape Hatteras. Wind is clocking around on Hatteras Island now, expecting the tide to rush back in there most anytime. We are in a relatively "dry" spot right now. Lots of tree limbs down all over the yard and neighborhood. Expecting the eye near here around 5pm, then the shift in winds.

Winds now

Winds at Manteo airport gusting to 66 now. Steady heavy rain. Some power flickers.
Steadily falling barometer. Just heard a transformer pop somewhere in the distance.

Winds at Buxton

Gusts to 74 knots (85 mph) at Billy Mitchell airport in Buxton, about 20 mins. ago.

Saturday morn

7:51 am still got power at this point. The hardest winds of the core have not yet reached us. Eye is making landfall down over Cape Lookout and tracking up the sound. I will say this again: The worst possible situation for soundside flooding is coming to pass. Tracking just like Hurricane Donna in 1960. The east winds push all the water to the west side of the sound for hours and then when the eye passes it all releases in one swift gush and rushes back toward the outer barrier islands. Winds have so far gusted to 53 at the airport in Manteo.

Friday, August 26, 2011

A little breeze, little rain

Been raining for about an hour now, lightly. A little breezy out there too. Took a ride down to the "bridge turn" just now and I have never seen so many cars from the town of Manteo proper parked out near the highway where the ground is a bit higher. Everyone seems to be taking the tide threat seriously. Darrell's has sandbagged their parking lot. Almost all the businesses have closed for the storm duration now.

Nothing really to report yet

It is overcast, but relatively quiet here so far. Very light breeze. Plenty of weather coming though.